Mark Bedecs

                            (Piano Entertainer Venues)

Mark's primary residency at this time is Switzerland though he keeps a
residence in USA as well.  In the last 15 years, he's done much traveling and
performed much of that as a "piano entertainer." Some of the countries where
he has performed include: USA, Canada, Japan, Taipei, Singapore, Switzerland,
Germany, Holland, Italy, Norway.

To mention examples of specific clubs:

Japan: "Club After Six" Ropongi, Tokyo, "Blue Note" in two different city
locations, 3 different clubs in Shinjaku, Band Action in Shin Yokohama, etc.

Switzerland: In Zurich alone, Mark has performed at practically every piano
man venue available, e.g. Hotel Central, Widder Bar, Dolder Grand, Hotel
Splendid, would be only a few over the years with many repeats.)

Holland: Scheveningen & Rotterdam-"Crazy Pianos," (i.e. Dueling Piano format.)

Germany:  Hotels and Clubs from West to East, (e.g. Kempinski-Hamburg,
Harry's NY Bar-Hannover, Kempinski-Berlin, Brauhaus-Dresden.)