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                          Mark E. Bedecs

Starting classical piano lessons by age 6, Mark continued to
study music throughout his lifetime. Formal training includes a
degree in Literature, Science, and Arts at The University of
Michigan and additional private studies at the Master’s level.

Performing with world class American and International recording
artists, Mark’s musical abilities and experiences are immense.

Lead Vocalist                                         Rock, Jazz, Rhythm & Blues Bands
Pianist                                                   All Styles
Tenor Saxophone                                 Soul, Rock & Roll Bands
Electric Bass                                         Funk, Soul, Rhythm & Blues, bands
Acoustic Double Bass                          Junior and College Symphonies
Pipe Organ                                           College & Principal Church Organist
Hammond B-3 Organ w/ pedals           Jazz, Rock, Pop, Studio
Diatonic Harmonicas                             Rock & Roll, R & B Bands
Keyboardist                                           All Styles Live and Studio

Holding back nothing, each performance is a fresh experience.
Mark’s powerful voice and unique instrumental style has astounded
appreciative audiences throughout Asia, America and Western Europe.  

2010: See Mark perform at Festivals
and Clubs throughout Western Europe;
including selected performances with
the Urban R & B band, “Off Planet.”
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